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The  Public  Opinion  Platform:
a 21st-century instrument for
Citizen You  and  Citizen Me
to govern our city or country
or region in
 real time.

Our democracy is in need of serious repair.

The Public Opinion Platform is a new kind of political institution for real-time democracy. In real-time democracy, citizens can exercise permanent control over political decisions and government - and can take responsibility for both. Citizens in a real-time participatory democracy can trust their own decisions and their own government only as much as they can trust themselves as a community.

POP is designed to gradually build up real-time democracy within the existing constitutional framework of indirect democracy – without any need for legislative change. POP is a flexible mongrel: a platform in its substance – able to hold all people and all opinions – and a registered political party in its form. The main feature of POP is to invite the expression of real-time majority public opinion on important legislative and governing decisions. POP representatives in the legislature and in government are obliged to vote according to the majority public opinion as expressed by citizens.