Public Opinion Platform

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Our democracy is in need of serious repair.

You can govern your city, country or region in real-time. Real-time democracy is participatory, legitimate and representative.

You can liberate
politicians from breaking promises and from being bribed. POP is collective 
wisdom in politics: public consensus first, decisions after.

You can start POP in your country now. 
Here's how.
What is POP

The Public Opinion Platform (POP) is a democratic institution and can also be applied as a governing method.  POP is a democratic institution for... 
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Party versus platform

Our table compares the definitions and seven key features of the ‘traditional political party’ and the political ‘platform-party’ in indirect democracies. 
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POP Talks

POP Talks are public lectures, university lectures, presentations and debates about the concept of real-time democracy and how to put the concept in practice. 
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