How POP works

6 steps of implementation

POP is a suitable and adaptable instrument for local, national and regional real-time participatory democracy. These are six steps to implement POP at national level: 1. A group of citizens, with widely different political opinions, creates the Public Opinion Platform (POP) for ongoing political communication among the entire electorate.  Read on…

Public Powers XC : the meth’n’tech of POP

Public Powers XC means Public Powers eXercised by Citizens and it is the name of the full circle of real-time democratic decision-making. It is the methodology and technology (meth’n’tech) of the implementation of the Public Opinion Platform (POP) to make collective wisdom prevail in politics. Read on…

Age-pyramid leadership

The composition of any democratic leadership team needs to reflect the intergenerational and intercultural nature of society, creating also gender-balanced leadership. POP, the Public Opinion Platform has developed a simple model for an intergenerational and intercultural leadership team for local, national and, where appropriate, regional levels.  Read on…

Inclusive digital democracy

Deliberative and participatory interactions on the Public Opinion Platform are based on digital technology and its management. The gap between the digitally apt and those who have no or only limited digital access is bridged through a system of geographic proximity-based cooperation between different users of the platform and through the use of random sample voting.

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