Public Powers XC: 
the meth'n'tech of POP

Public Powers XC means Public Powers eXercised by Citizens and it is the name of the full circle of real-time democratic decision-making. It is the methodology and technology (meth’n’tech) of the implementation of the Public Opinion Platform (POP) to make collective wisdom prevail in politics. 

Public Powers XC has three phases: the self-select participatory phase, the random-select legitimacy phase and the representative decision-making phase. 

First, the self-select participatory phase will meet the principal objective of POP that no citizen is excluded from participating in the exercise of public power. This phase contains the establishing of e-identity of citizens, AI (artificial intelligence)-facilitated mass-deliberation that also develops decision alternatives and, finally, e-voting. This phase also prevents the overwhelming of citizens with decision-making activities: self-selected participation is self-limited to the specific political interests of citizens. 

Second, the random-select legitimacy phase will lend legitimacy, through RSV (random sample voting), to POP to register and communicate real-time public opinion on the question subject to decision-making, with mathematical accuracy. Prior to their voting, randomly selected citizens will be briefed, unfiltered, on the entire deliberative part of the first phase. 

Third, the representative decision-making phase will give the political weight to real-time majority public opinion through all the elected POP representatives voting according to the registered real-time public opinion in the legislature. 

The POP team as a systems entrepreneur is partnering with lead technology companies and teams that are innovating in the fields of portable digital identity, mass deliberations, digital voting and random sample voting. The objective of the partnership is to assemble a full, comprehensive and open source method for delivering real-time democracy, the Public Powers XC. 

The third phase is political and decentralized. It can be fully implemented upon the completion of the first and second phases.

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