Age pyramid leadership

The composition of any democratic leadership team needs to reflect the intergenerational and intercultural nature of society, creating also gender-balanced leadership. POP, the Public Opinion Platform has developed a simple model for an intergenerational and intercultural leadership team for local, national and, where appropriate, regional levels.

How the age-pyramid leadership team can be composed, as an example:

  1. Assign seven places for people from the given membership or population, one from the age group of 18 to 30 years, one from 30 to 40, one from 40 to 50, one from 50 to 60, one from 60 to 70, one from 70 to 80 and one from 80+ years.

  2. Adjust these age limits proportionally to the actual age pyramid of the given membership or population, so that each of the seven members reflect a roughly equal proportion of the constituent people in the leadership. (The math for this: 7x14%=98%.)

  3. Apply the condition that no gender group has more than four members out of seven in the leadership team.

  4. Apply the additional condition that minorities must be proportionally reflected in the team. If this is not possible because proportional representation would not reach the level of at least one person from the seven, assign minority protection to one of the seven, and put her or him under the scrutiny of the minorities.

  5. Elect a rotating half (three or four) of the whole leadership team each year, with the possibility of re-election of members up to a maximum of 10 years (one first election, with four possible re-elections, for two years, each).

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