10 reasons why POP is 
good for your politics

POP can be used to:

  1. Put citizens in a real-time decision-making position on all significant issues and make politicians implement the real-time will of the majority in legislature or in government;

  2. Develop citizens’ governing responsibility, political foresight and a new, consensus-building culture of politics as opposed to the current adversarial ‘win-lose’, ‘either-or’ system, in which citizens are forced to be like fans of opponent football teams (love your team, hate the other team and its supporters);

  3. Prevent the classic imperial, dictatorial or occupier’s game of divide and rule (divide et impera), playing out different parts of the population as blocks against each other, as a consequence of point 2 above;

  4. Reduce the role of money in politics. POP representatives could be bribed but it would make no sense for those who would wish to bribe them;

  5. Reduce the number of citizens who are alienated from the political process and therefore do not vote at elections (like 46% at the 2016 US presidential election);

  6. Offer citizens an alternative to voting for the old established parties, voting for extremists as a ‘protest vote’, or not voting at all;

  7. Prevent unnecessary wars, other violent conflicts and fake emergencies. Experience shows that citizens, if asked, usually do not support initiating wars unless their country is under a real attack;

  8. Be a platform of grand coalitions that cut across old political parties and unite citizens and politicians who share some main goals while remain to disagree on many other policies;

  9. Be a platform for smaller opposition parties to form lasting alliances or ad hoc coalitions for specific issues on which they agree without having to compromise on their differences on issues on which they do not;

  10. Be a tool for other purposes, which is now left for the reader’s imagination, expertise and democratic needs.

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