6 steps of implementing POP

POP is a suitable and adaptable instrument for local, national and regional real- time participatory democracy. These are six steps to implement POP at national level:

  1. A group of citizens, with widely different political opinions, creates the Public Opinion Platform (POP) for ongoing political communication among the entire electorate.
  2. They register POP as a political party. POP has no ideology and no policies. POP makes no promises to the electorate, except for one.
  3. The promise is that POP will ask for, measure and fully represent real- time majority public opinion on all the important decisions in parliament and government.
  4. POP invites all citizens - that will include of course politicians and government officials, too - to express their opinion on the platform, to convince other citizens about their opinion (deliberative stage).
  5. Also, POP invites all citizens to vote on the same platform, to express and measure the position of majority public opinion (participatory stage).
  6. Once the public opinion decision on a given question is made, all POP representatives in parliament will cast their vote in accordance with the real-time decision of majority public opinion. Any POP representative who breaks this promise is immediately expelled from POP.

For details of the process as outlined under 4, 5 and 6 above, see Public Powers XC: the meth’n’tech of POP

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