POP Talks

POP Talks are public lectures, university lectures, presentations and debates about the concept of real-time democracy and how to put the concept in practice. Here is the list of POP Talks:

  1. University of Akureyri, Iceland, April 2016
  2. University of Iceland, Reykjavik, April 2016
  3. Millennials Festival, Siena, October 2016
  4. Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, San Sebastian, November 2016
  5. Course on Reinventing Government, Stanford University, April 2017
  6. Party Conference of UK Liberal Democrats (fringe event), Bournemouth, September 2017
  7. Nouvelles formes de participation citoyenne, Lieu d’Europe, Strasbourg, November 2017
  8. World Forum for Democracy, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, November 2017
  9. Real-time Democracy: Student Consultation Session Sciences Po, Université de Strasbourg, March 2018

Coming next:

  • Digital Identity, Global Citizenship and the Future of Democracy, Berlin, May 2018
  • POINT conference on Political Accountability and New Technologies, Sarajevo, May 2018

Contact us at info (at) poplatform.org
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