Why POP?

A Parable of Power: the bread and butter of indirect democracy

Should you have to do food shopping, as a citizen does politics in an indirect democracy today, it would look like this: 

You go to the food store, as you need bread, butter and milk. In the store you discover that you cannot buy items separately; you have to buy packages of food items. There is no package of bread and butter and milk. There is only a package of bread, butter and vodka. Or another package of rice, oil and milk. You are allowed to buy only one package.  

Since you really do not like vodka, you buy the second package. It will be delivered to your home address. At the counter you discover that you will be stuck with your chosen second package (rice, oil and milk) for the next four years during which you will have no bread and butter on your kitchen table.
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10 reasons why POP is good for your politics

POP can be used to:

  1. Put citizens in a real-time decision-making position on all significant issues and make politicians implement the real-time will of the majority in legislature or in government;

  2. Develop citizens’ governing responsibility, political foresight and a new, consensus-building culture of politics as opposed to the current adversarial ‘win-lose’, ‘either-or’ system, in which citizens are forced to be like fans of opponent football teams (love your team, hate the other team and its supporters);

  3. Prevent the classic imperial, dictatorial or occupier’s game of divide and rule (divide et impera), playing out different parts Read on…

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